compassionate and caring Christian Lawyers

We serve those in the Chicagoland area dealing with divorce issues within the context of their Christian faith. Our Lawyers are Christians themselves and are qualified to guide you through the divorce process using the compassion of Christ to ensure you are cared for physically, financially, and spiritually through your legal proceedings.

Divorce and Faith

Divorce is often emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually, and legally challenging for all involved.

A person of faith often struggles even more acutely as they seek to navigate divorce while managing the challenging areas above, especially within the context of their faith.   Our Christian lawyers understand how questions of faith, morality, and what the Scripture says about specific issues can often complicate the decision-making process for the person going through a divorce.   We offer competent legal guidance based on State law and we can take the time to explore faith-based issues you may have in regards to your divorce case.  

This website is supported by Lawrence Manassa of Manassa Hartman, P.C.

Through this website and our legal expertise, we seek to provide support, information, and resources to those dealing with family law and divorce issues.

Simple, Complex, Confrontational, and Collaborative Cases


When facing divorce many issues such as child custody, debt, living arrangements, and emotional struggles can weigh you down.  We take a faith based view of managing these challenges with each client we work with.

Custody, Parental Rights, Visitation, and Support Cases

Divorce Involving Minor Children

When facing a divorce with children involved often both parties are concerned with the effects on the kids.  We have access to a support team to help you work through the issues in a way that your children can process.

Simple, Complex, Confrontational, and Collaborative Cases

Collaborative Divorce

There are times when the marriage just isn't working. You would like to dissolve the marriage without the fierce battles. In this case, collaborative divorce may be an option.

compassionate and caring Christian Lawyers
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